much of my time

Much of my time has run to waste
And I perhaps am near my home
But He forgives my follies past
He gives me strength for days to come

What a blessing to join together with the saints of God to praise His matchless name! The preaching service the past two days has been both convicting and comforting, and I'm looking forward to more of our Lord's presence today.

The convicting part brings to mind the words of the hymn above. Two nights ago as I lay in bed I was faced with a decision to read God's word or to browse Web sites on my iPhone. Guess which one I picked? 🙂

A brother spoke yesterday of someone who had asked him to come and offer prayer for a relative who had cancer. As he was telling us the story, he said something about not having the words of himself which would be necessary to bring someone comfort at such a time. I thank God that I understand, as he does, that our Father is able to bless–but how much more will He bless when we've studied the scriptures that He's preserved for our learning? How much more benefit would God help me to be to His people if I *diligently* studied the word so that when confronted with such situations myself I would have words of comfort from God's own book?

God help me to be a more faithful servant!

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