Showing Love

I have been trying to stand before the Lord’s people and speak from His word for about ten years.  I thank God that he’s helped me to see my on again/off again service to Him and lack of diligently reading the scriptures as I should.  He’s been longsuffering with me and continued to bless me when I do apply myself.  If God’s purpose is that I am someday blest to be a minister of His gospel, I hope that I will always comprehend and appreciate the awesome responsibility and blessing of that calling.

For now, the best preaching I’ve ever done continues to come to me when I’m shaving, driving, or otherwise all alone, and the Lord gives me some wonderful thoughts that I long to share with others.  What’s comforting is that I’ve heard many other ministers relate this same experience.  May He someday give me the words when the time comes, that it will be to the glory of His holy name!
As I sat down to write, the main thoughts on my mind were centered on my “personality type”.  I’ve been blest in my job to attend multiple seminars/training sessions that focused on the various personality types which individuals possess and how to best interact with those personalities.  A side effect, at least for me, is that it causes you to reflect on yourself and think about how others view you.
I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t extremely self-aware—cognizant of my own behavior and interactions with others.  Those thoughts lately center on how my personality might affect my ministry.  I’ve always been the last to make new friends in a crowd…quiet…the “deep thinker” rather than the “socializer”.  I have a concern that my quietness comes across to some of my precious brothers and sisters as unfriendliness…coldness.  I try to combat this and show my love to those around me, but that’s exactly my point:  should it have to be a “task” that I consciously have to work on?  For some, showing love to others seems to come so naturally.  Am I doing something wrong, or do others have these same struggles?  I don’t doubt that God’s word addresses this somewhere if I can only find it.
Even if I am never ordained as an elder/bishop/minister (terms used interchangeably in the word of God) , I am still a child of God who in his interactions with others is responsible for “letting [his] light so shine before men, that they may see [my] good works and glorify [my] Father which is in heaven.”  My eternal destination is secured not by my works but by God’s grace, but while I live here in time perhaps my good works can show forth my love towards my brothers and sisters.  I will “commit [my] works UNTO THE LORD, and [my] thoughts shall be established.”

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