Religion & Science: Separate, or in Harmony?

“Do we keep religion out of science because they know science is wrong and they just don’t want to admit it?”

A dear sister in Christ posted this question on Facebook recently, and it got the wheels of my mind turning.  I’d like to share my thoughts.

The term science at its root simply means “knowledge” or “to know”.

I Timothy 6:20 warns us about “science falsely so called”.  Much of what is called science in this world is not science at all; it’s faux science.  That is true today, and evidently it was true in the times of Christ.  Let’s call them “anti-scientists”.

Some of these anti-scientists actually believe they’re right; others are being intentionally deceitful.  In either case, they like to explain away God.  If there’s no God, then in their minds they’re not accountable to anyone.  The scriptures tell us of those that did not like to retain God in their mind.  It’s inconvenient for them, because they don’t want to be submissive to His rule.  So for them, it’s best if God is kept separate from all parts of our lives…in a little compartment that’s only allowed open on Sunday morning or not at all.

True science will harmonize with God’s word.  And therefore, true science doesn’t have to explain away any of God’s word (for example, by trying to make the days in Genesis 1 be 1000 year periods or any other such stretching).  When men come across something through true scientific study that seems to be contradictory to God’s word, either they are misunderstanding God’s word or they are misunderstanding their scientific findings.

One problem is that due to human pride, few are willing to admit that there’s something they don’t know.  Their natural tendency is to believe that somehow the Bible must be wrong.  Or if they don’t believe the Bible is wrong, they will attempt to spiritualize particular passages to shape them into what they want them to say rather than taking those passages at face value.

Here are some links to a message that Elder Sonny Pyles delivered in the 1970s in Muleshoe, TX, on the subject of science and religion.

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